Buzz Aldrin’s Giant Leap Into Fashion

The former astronaut releases a space-themed capsule collection.
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Buzz Aldrin flew to the moon in 1969 to the awe of America and is ready to launch once again — a fashion line, that is. Yes, you read that right: the astronaut has announced Mission to Mars, a six-piece capsule collection made in collaboration with New York-based accessories brand Sprayground.

The line features a solar-paneled backpack, a printed spacesuit parka, and a mock spaceship compartment duffle bag. The gray and orange color palette references the original NASA spacesuits and an array of patches sporting kitschy phrases like “Mar$ Commander” and “Mi$$ion to Mars” adorn the collection, along with the brand’s signature shark mouth motif. “Get your ass to Mars” Aldrin declares, both on the palm of the collection’s gloves and in person (the bestselling author has fiercely advocated to get humans to Mars by 2040).

With Chanel’s rocket-sized runway show and Coach’s slick usage of the NASA logo, the fashion industry has entered a new space age, heralded by none other than the famed moon-walker himself.

Shop the limited edition collection below:



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