Cactus: Cartier's Bold Playlist

The cactus today makes Cartier vibrate in a singular collection combining luxury and non-conformism. Embodied by the Roman muse Mariacarla Boscono, the line displays an assortment of pieces ranging from the mobile ring to the evening bag.
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Intriguing, almost mystical, the cactus prides itself on modernity for the Maison, which is also the creator of iconic models like the Tank or the Panther line. The beautiful thorny plant gives birth to a series of creations breaking jewelry trends. There is almost a realization of the numerous facets of femininity - these plants, which are admired exclusively with a glance, resist inhospitable environments and wait for the night to cover themselves with flowers. To succumb to it would be to recover its wild state, its rebellious side, without compromising on its natural elegance. The beautiful Mariacarla Boscono perfectly embodies this duality so dear to the Maison. A clear way to position the Cactus line as an ultra-chic outsider.

Spark a Beat with Cartier Cactus - THE OFFICIAL

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