Calvin Klein Joins the Chunky White Shoe Trend

At what point does it become a staple?

Even the most passive of fashion enthusiasts will know about the industry’s growing interest in big, clunky, orthopedic sneakers first made popular by Raf Simons for adidas. The latest brand to join the growing trend, which by now is more of a staple, is Calvin Klein 205W39NYC. The release marks something of a full circle as Simons is, of course, also the designer behind CK.

Fortunately, he’s fully reinvented his earlier work for something sleeker, more athletically practical. The “Carla” sneaker comes with a sock-like liner, sturdy rubber sole, and a snapback. The latter seems less functional, but aesthetically pleasing all the same. In short, it's time to invest. 

The Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Carla sneaker is available now at


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