No One Loves Extravagant Fashion More Than Celine Dion

If you think you've been seeing Celine Dion all over your social media feeds lately for more than just her music, you're not wrong. The classic talent has been making waves for her recent evolution into dramatic, yet impeccable style.
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At the age of 52, Celine Dion's fashion choices proves her closet is as heavenly as her voice. The five-time Grammy award-winning singer's style is celebrated as she has been able to hone the rare ability to simultaneously do both timeless and daring looks with seemingly the least amount of effort. Since the death of her husband in 2016, Dion underwent a very public fashion rebirth evolving into her frequently wearing the most maximalist of pieces. Her seamless transitions from couture gowns to effortlessly bold outfits exudes an unapologetic confidence in her image. This blend of audacious elegance and a fearless attitude is exactly why all eyes are on the evolution of Celine Dion's fashion looks.

Known for wearing couture as comfortably as a pair of sweatpants, her presence at couture runways shows are not just expected, but a staple. Dion not only embodies the demeanor of the couture houses, but has been seen being physically moved to tears from the front row of runway shows such as the Valentino Couture Spring 2019 and Giorgio Armani Privé show earlier this year. Nothing is stronger than showing one's vulnerability. Her reactions show us she is not attending a show to warm a seat, but she is filling every venue she attends with deep passion. 

With her extravagant and flawless style paired with her powerful voice, what else could you possibly ask for in a Hollywood superstar? The Courage, the title of her new album, we would think is safe to assume, is inspired by herself and life-long journey. After all, this has kept her ever-relevant in her 40-year career. Taking a broader look at Celine Dion, we can no longer just label her an accomplished singer, but part of a rare breed of creatives, able to express themselves through every medium they touch. 

Look through our Celine Dion fashion gallery below for some of her most memorable looks over the years, and just how much her style has changed.


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