Step Dancers Usher in DEERDANA's Latest Sock Collection

The campaign video, choreographed by none other than Nick & Navi, features a vibrant group of friends step dancing their way across the Los Angeles courts.
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No doubt you've seen DEERDANA's signature hand-drawn celebs blowing up your newsfeeds or on the streets. Founded by New York City artist and designer Dana Veraldi, the brand rocks t-shirts (and matching baby gear), totes, awesome trinkets...and, ladies gentlemen, we're pleased to announce: socks! While black and white have largely been the artist's vibe thus far, the socks (proudly made in California, of course) are available in 6 colors with each pair boasting a unique hand-drawn design.

To celebrate this bright and vibrant addition to DEERDANA's goods, Veraldi has tapped sister singers/songwriters/models Nick & Navi to choreograph the campaign video. The result? A lively and lovely sequence of step dancing, tennis whites-clad friends whose energy (and seriously must-have DEERDANA outfits) are infectious.

Find the DEERDANA limited edition socks here, and check out the campaign, below. 


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