The Best of Streetwear from Project Las Vegas 2018

L'Officiel USA is here to give you highlights from the world's premiere streetwear conference. Picks courtesy of our Fashion Editor, Julian Antetomaso.
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This month, our esteemed fashion editor Julian Antetomaso made a pilgrimage to Nevada for the 2018 edition of Project Las Vegas. Featuring only the most innovative and exciting names in streetwear, the semi-annual event has become a seminal happening for designers, industry experts, and fans alike. As well as holding panel discussions and think tanks, the event also marked the launch of N:OW—an incubator for industry experts and retail aficionados alike, a sort of fashion trunk show for both established and up-and-coming brands.

Below are some of our editor picks. 


When many may think of streetwear they usually think of either skate or hip-hop culture considering their influence on the style. Utility and workwear is another. Think construction worker orange, cargo pants, basically clothing with functional details. Atomic Mission Gear provides bags, belts, and other accessories that are designed with functionality in mind.


Founded by Thulani Ngazimbi, Nonee Ngazimbi, and Natasha Milosevich, The Rad Black Kids brings their Zimbabwe heritage to the streetwear genre. The brand's intention says it all: “My intention is to share the love I felt, then channel it through an aesthetic that shatters monolithic thinking that I know we all feel trapped by,” says Ngazimbi. This can best be seen in their collaboration with artist Christina Ramos, which features paintings of young children from various ethnic backgrounds holding American flags, reminding us that there are many diverse faces of America.


For those looking to upgrade their decks check out skateboard brand STRGHT. These boards are each hand-carved in LA and feature a wide variety of designs that are stenciled and spray painted: a glorious combination of art, craft, and sport.


CANDOR founder Eddie Hahm initially got his start in automotive and industrial design before changing gears to work 12 years in fashion before founding the brand. Rather than focus on seasonal trends, Hahm’s unisex collections center on color palettes, graphics, and luxury fabrics that tell a specific story each season.


Fairplay is a Los Angeles-based brand and a great go-to brand for sporty streetwear with a twist. The brand's philosophy is to offer products of great quality without having to up the cost, focusing on extremely accessibility (you can shop wares at Urban Outfitters, Foot Action, and PacSun). Another strength of the brand is their collaborations with MTV and PlayStation: the epitome of 90s nostalgia.


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