The Duo Behind Études Studio Talk Their Latest Collection and Upcoming Book

“Our Spring Summer 2019 evokes a conceit of soft masculinity, where the spirit of a West Coast vagabond traverses early Hip Hop’s forgotten glory."
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Back in 1999—which in today’s news cycle feels like ten thousand years ago—young graffiti artists Jérémie Egry and Aurélien Arbet launched a streetwear label. The two also dabbled in graphic design and photography, so they started publishing ‘zines and books a few years later, as well as spearheading some commissioned creative work. In 2012, with the help of a few of their friends, Egry and Arbet rolled all of their endeavors in one, creating Études Studio, the part fashion label, part creative industry, part book publisher responsible for that New York Times collaboration you coveted last winter.

The brand is based out of New York and Paris, and the duality of these cities is central to the brand’s aesthetic: “The history, the culture, the people, the architecture of this two cities is different, and in that sense, they are complementary,” say Arbet and Egry. “Creating a dialogue between opposites can create interesting projects, the challenge is to find the right balance.”

They have only one store, at 14 Rue Debelleyme in Paris. Having a physical store was important to the founders, who wanted to create a retail experience that was an extension of their online presence.

Their latest menswear collection was made in collaboration with LA-based painter Henry Taylor. “Our Spring/Summer 2019  [collection] evokes a conceit of soft masculinity, where the spirit of a West Coast vagabond traverses early hip hop’s forgotten glory. The collection is a melting pot of cultural symbolism, considering the codes of uniform and their place in the postmodern wardrobe.” They also recently released their collaboration with Adidas, which includes an UltraBOOST sneaker, raincoat, hoodies and more.

Because the duo can't help but have a finger in every pot, they also have a book coming out that captures the first few years of the brand, published by Rizzoli. When Études Become Form: Paris, New York, and the Intersection of Fashion and Art has contributions from Ari Marcopoulos and Gus Van Sant, among others, and will be available starting October 2, 2018. 

See their Spring 2019 collection below


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