Fashion Icon and Production Designer, Michael Howells, Has Died at 61

Whether designing a runway show in Paris, an opera in Milan or an ad campaign in New York, we remember the man who always brought a piece of home with him by donning his signature 3-piece suits from Savile Row.
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The worlds of fashion, culture, and film join together in remembrance of British designer, Michael Howells, who passed away on Friday 20th of July at the young age of 61 years old.

His résumé is as impressive as it is diverse, having designed for the European opera houses and museums, major film and TV productions (including Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Emma’), the fashion shows of Lacroix, Dior and McQueen, and the ad campaigns for Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Versace. Not to mention that he was the man behind several era-defining events, including Kate Moss’ infamous Beautiful & Damned-themed 30th birthday party and Dior’s 60th-anniversary celebrations at Versailles.

Such exuberant work may sound slightly ridiculous now that these same industries, who once poured so much effort and money into productions, have been forced to reign themselves in financially and thus creatively. But Howells represents a time when going to a show meant that you, for a couple of hours, could escape into another world—a complete, multi-sensory experience.

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