Gigi Hadid and Irina Shayk Star in Burberry's Fall Campaign

Nick Knight and Danko Steiner presented two visions of Riccardo Tisci's latest collection, showing there's no one way to wear the brand.
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Launched worldwide today, the new Burberry campaign shows a range of aesthetics within creative director Riccardo Tisci's sensual vision of the British heritage house by calling two different photographers, Nick Knight and Danko Steiner, to create compelling imagery. Featuring a cast of models including Gigi Hadid, Irina Shayk, and Fran Summers, the photos and videos immediately captivate with their star power and varying looks. “This campaign explores the many facets of British culture and how they coexist," Tisci explains. "Together, Danko and Nick celebrate the importance of self-expression and identity through their own distinctive lenses."



Taking inspiration from the theme of Burberry's new collection, Steiner captured the models on the beach. “It was Riccardo who had the brilliant idea of filming the seaside collection. The result is that these classic Burberry silhouettes end up being framed by water," he says. “While the ocean is a lasting and beautiful setting for photography, we wanted the sea to play a larger role in images - water is the source of change and discovery. We wanted our incredible cast to interact with the idea of engaging with a powerful and natural force. I always believed that the seas and oceans unite us. "



For Knight's campaign, he went into the studio and looked at the "raw and unpolished energy of youth," featuring models holding video recorders as surrounding video screens display what they capture. “This reflects the many different points of view that are available to everyone through social media. It seems like our whole life is screen-based now, with images available on every surface around us - from our phones and laptops to digital billboards, ”he says.

It definitely seems this campaign, beyond attracting attention with its noteworthy cast and crew, is going to make a lasting statement with its two visions, which contrast in aesthetic yet work together to communicate a common vision of plurality. There's no one way to wear Burberry, just like there's no one way to channel British culture, and Steiner and Knight have helped to display the artful new ways Tisci is spreading this message.



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