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L'OFFICIEL celebrates two years of beauty and creativity between Gigi Hadid and Vogue Eyewear with a behind-the-scenes look at the new Gigi Hadid x Vogue Eyewear Special Collection, taking us on a dream tour through NYC.
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In celebration of a creative and innovative collaboration of Gigi Hadid and Vogue Eyewear, L’Officiel USA goes on a dream tour through the supermodel’s favorite fashion capital—our very own New York City. 

Each and every style featured in the new eyewear collection highlights the beautiful darling’s experiences as well as the locales within the booming metropolis that have become sources of inspiration for her. It is fast forward, but with a twist. It stands out against the exciting, gleaming city lights, an ode to fast glamour and the art of arriving and leaving. In a shape that breaks all the rules of fashion, Gigi shows her vogue by giving elegant silk satin influential fashion status in a unique way. The people and places that make up her home and who she has become is elegantly captured in the designs, framing the A-list glamour of exclusive Manhattan clubs from East Village to the Upper East Side, as well as the quaint abyss, lost somewhere within the "city that never sleeps." 

Through Gigi’s one-of-a-kind personality, we are taken on a mystical journey; a trendy, forward-facing reality that visits the model’s favorite styles. The eclectic selection emphasizes the concept of a vision that is future-focused and celebrates contemporary women today. For Gigi, this means a visor or wrapped shield, a petite metal cat-eye, or, stunningly, dazzling low-cut shapes of 90’s style embellishments. Each product takes on an attitude of its very own. In essence, it is everything that you want it to be, everything you dream it to be, more than you could ever imagine it to be. 

The collection is to be modeled night or day. Regardless of time, it makes a hard-to-beat style statement that defines a dynamic personality that is both classic and subversive. In a selection of brilliant tone-matched gradients and mirror shades, with a catwalk choice of colors from opal to white SKUS, the collaborative collection has true fashion appeal, suffused in a powerful style that goes beyond limits to represent the strong, empowering,  contemporary women that lies within each and every one of us. 

With her own eyes set on the future, Gigi is not one to shy away from fresh attitude, dazzling tones, and edgy style. The collection blends minimalism with contemporary elegance to achieve a maximum effect of refined elegance without neglecting urban modernity. This collection is for today’s trendsetters, fashion protagonists, and polished women who are always ready to boldly take on the spotlight. The G-Vision model is for the playful. The 23rd Street model is catered to those seeking to highlight their freedom. Soho speaks to the gal born in the ’90s and is headed straight for the future. Lafayette fuses this year’s trends with an underground edge, perfect for strutting down the red carpet. The glam-chic look V-Vision pairs shimmering opal tones with playful, graphic layers. With exaggerated angles, futuristic shapes, and polished tones that highlight the glamour and playful personality of the model, this is how Gigi shows her Vogue. Now, it’s your turn. 


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