Instagram's Most Followed Models Don't Have the Most Engagement

Proving that big names aren't necessarily the best investment for brands looking to capitalize on clout.
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After the women of the Kardashian, Jung and Yuan families proved that style was in their genes, it’s the McGregor girls’ turn to shine in their own Fendi Peekaboo bag campaign. Actress and photographer Clara and her singer-songwriter sister, Esther, are filmed spending time together on a beach in L.A. Despite growing up in the shadow of a world-renown actor father, it is clear that the two young women are beautiful and unique in their own ways.


#MeAndMyPeekaboo is Fendi’s way of commemorating the tenth anniversary of its iconic Peekaboo bag. Check out the McGregor girls' chapter, below.

It was that very generation that inspired the first single off of 2017’s Lust for Life. Released exactly one month after President Trump’s inauguration, “Love” felt like the answer to a collective cultural prayer asking how we might move forward as a nation. It was hopeful in a way that was unfamiliar to her audience, making it all the more powerful. “Don’t worry baby,” she sings on the track, referencing a Beach Boys song released in the ’60s, another era of societal unrest. Not long after came the album (the cover of which shows her beaming smile) and more political tracks. “There were things I’ve wanted to say for so long and the environment was not a great place to be outspoken,” she says. “All I can ever think of every day when I wake up is how grateful I am that that’s changing. That’s my whole life right now.”


It is said that your piano playing was inspired by a Lady Gaga concert, is this true? 

Nobody in my family is in show business. As I was captain of a swimming team at school, if I had had a vocation, it should have been the sport. Or health, or a public service job. On the other hand, I always liked music, at 9 years old I started to take singing lessons, and that's when I saw Lady Gaga in concert at 16 in Perth, the city where I grew up, I had a revelation! That same evening, I put myself alone at the piano.

Whose Streets?

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