Jacquemus Fall 2018

by France
Simon Porte Jacquemus warmed the cold Paris weather with a collection inspired by a trip to Morocco. At the end of the show, the designer revealed the launch of his menswear line.

As Jacquemus jogged to take his bow on the marble of the Petit Palais, fashion saw him tumble wearing a hoody that said, "L'Homme Jacquemus" — his way to announce the addition of a menswear line. His Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear was filled with sensations, colors, and travel memories from Morocco like djellabas, tunics in silk, belly jewelry, earrings, and little bags embroidered with terracotta pearls, often found in souks. Summer is not far off and Jacquemus knows it, as he warmed up his collection with cashmere dresses, ribbed knit skirts, arched waistcoats, and some unusual leather touches. On his program notes, the designer described the trip he took to Morocco after his last show.  “I came back to Paris and made my winter of it; my winter collection. Not wasting any more time, my warm winter.”

See every look from the collection:

JACQUEMUS FW18_135.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_132.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_129.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_086.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_084.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_082.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_079.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_077.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_074.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_071.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_069.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_066.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_063.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_060.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_058.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_054.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_053.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_050.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_047.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_026.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_022.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_019.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_017.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_010.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_007.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_005.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_002.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_150.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_144.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_110.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_107.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_106.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_103.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_102.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_098.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_096.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_093.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_091.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_089.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_044.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_042.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_040.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_038.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_034.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_032.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_024.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_111.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_003.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_012.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_014.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_015.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_028.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_029.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_115.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_116.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_119.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_120.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_123.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_124.jpg
JACQUEMUS FW18_127.jpg

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