Call Collect for Vol. 2 of FALL RISK

Designer John Targon returns with Vol. 2 of his FALL RISK line. Call today to cop these limited edition T-shirts.
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Volume 2 is here. As of today, Designer John Targon has officially released the follow up to his widely successful FALL RISK Vol. 1 line, which sold out in less than an hour. FALL RISK Volume 2 “Call. Collect.” consists of seven tees in total, three long-sleeved (retailing for $145) and four short-sleeved (retailing for $125). For his most recent addition to his seasonless lifestyle brand for all genders, Targon has been produced in a limited quantity of 50 of each design.

Targon describes his new shirts as “vintage reimagined.”  The shirts were inspired by nostalgic moments in Targon’s childhood, which he reworked in a playful, imaginative way to bring this latest line to life. Each tee is meant to tell its own unique story, though together the entire collective weaves a common thread.

Targon set out to create what he calls the perfect white tee. “With Volume 2, I wanted to introduce a new staple with the FALL RISK twist on a plain tee which can be paired with anything or nothing,” he said. “I’ve also included statement t-shirts so there is something for everyone. And, Summer whites are perfect for a wet t-shirt contest!”

Fans are encouraged to call 212-982-RISK in order to get daily clues about Volume 2: ‘Call. Collect.’ and to find out where the drop will be available for purchase starting today. Additionally, callers are able to hear daily Risky Confessions from @fallriskinc Instagram followers.

Scope out each of the new designs in the gallery below and Call. Collect. today to snag your FALL RISK tees before they sell out!


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