JW Anderson Launches Your Picture/Our Future Campaign

Calling all aspiring image-makers.
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Are you tired of seeing the same models posing in the same campaigns when reading your favorite fashion magazines? Do you ever catch yourself harshly critiquing a photographer's use of props, light, and exposure? Have you at any point wanted to try your hand at a little high fashion image production? Well, today's your lucky day. JW Anderson has a proposition for you. 

The Irish designer just announced the launch of the Your Picture/Our Future campaign, which gives burgeoning image-makers the opportunity to send in six original photographs for a chance to shoot the brand's upcoming Spring/Summer 2018 campaign. It's radical and passionate, and very on brand for Anderson, who is known for always pushing industry boundaries (like the collection he live-streamed on Grindr). "We have taken a chance on image-makers in the past, and we decided to do it in an even bigger way now," he wrote in a press release. "Fundamentally, it is about talent giving a chance to talent — this is something I really believe in."

It's important to remember that fashion's love of competition isn't necessarily new. Lots of industry greats got their start with similar opportunities, like Grace Coddington who sent her pictures in for a Vogue modeling competition back in the sixties or Marine Serre, the most recent winner of the LVMH Prize. So why wait any longer? Stop reading this article and apply now. 

Full application details can be found at JW Anderson

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