L'Editorial: Come As You Are

We've analyzed some of the hottest looks from our epic Coachella party, which we hosted with the help of Sunset/Studios, Hyphen8, and Interscope Records.
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Photography by Luke Abby

The L'Officiel USA Coachella bash welcomed good vibes, great food and an abundance of chic, knockout outfits. The event's venue was an expansive Moroccan-esque estate where individuals were free to gather under shaded bungalows or cool off in the glistening pool all while the British singer Ama Lou serenaded the crowds. 

Long lines and crowded spaces are the norm at this music festival, but the partnership between L'Officiel and Sunset Studios provided something different. It was an escape and reprieve from the frenzy while still being an energetic and popular event. Guests sipped on Tito's passionfruit cocktails and chilled out with Beboe cannabis pens. As the event continued, singer Col3trane presented his new song "Superpowers." 

Guests were in full fashion force with knit sets, dual prints, and gold accessories among other eye-catching looks. Luckily for all who missed it and those who want to reminisce, photographer Luke Abby was able to capture some of our favorite moments. 


Animal prints have been all the rage since the 80s, but they have made a major comeback over the past few seasons. Each time they appear a chic outfit, the feeling of newness and excitement floods in, especially when two prints mix to create a fearless aesthetic. A mix of patterns presents a talking point, a moment to embrace the crazy and colorful frenzy with an air of confidence. 


Sometimes it's more interesting to let the accessories speak for the outfit. Details matter. It's the little things that make people ask questions and notice. Iconic fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent recognizes the importance of accessories stating how a classic black outfit can be ever-changing when accessories are interchanged. 


An internationally renowned festival is a melting pot of ideas and differing opinions, making it the perfect place to adopt a new perspective. And what better vehicle to start these important conversations than a graphic t-shirt? Make the message stand out by wearing all one color. 


Everyone who partakes in swimming or sunbathing should have the black tux of bathing suits. It is classic. It's safe. It goes with anything. You can wear the swim shorts solo as photographed or can pair them with a patterned shirt to jazz up the look. 


In case you haven't heard, contrasting textures are in. Monochrome looks are cool, but can sometimes be a little boring, so having visual texture is a statement. In art and nature, different textures add depth to a piece. Consider your outfit a work of art and use those daring tendencies. 


Thanks to Kim K, neon is back on all of our radars. This shirt features a loose-fitting fabric, which is perfect for surviving the desert of Indio Valley, and it proves that not all outfits need a pattern to make a statement. Let the color shine bright. 

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