How Lily Aldridge Makes Fashion Week the Best Time of the Year

Ahead of Bulgari's B.zero1 Rock party on Thursday, the supermodel shared her thoughts on jewelry, beauty, and which Oscar-nominated film is her new favorite.
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Lily Aldridge is a pro at balancing a jam-packed yet fabulous life. Over nearly two decades in the fashion industry, the model has walked countless shows, worked with a plethora of brands and publications, and even appeared in a few music videos. More recently, Aldridge has also taken on the titles of fragrance entrepreneur (Lily Aldridge Parfums launched last year) and YouTuber, taking her influence to a new level as she lets the world in on her tips and busy lifestyle all while making her family a priority.

Aldridge’s various obligations would easily exhaust the most resilient of multi-hyphenates, but on the cusp of a busy New York Fashion Week-slash-Oscars weekend marathon (naturally, she’s doing both), the model seemed calm and even inspired. In part, that’s because fashion week means cheering on the latest creations of some of her closest designer friends, like Jason Wu and Brandon Maxwell. She also is genuinely excited about recent shifts in fashion, whether it comes to sustainability efforts or self-expression.

“I feel like the rules of what is ‘chic’ or ‘appropriate’ are gone now,” Aldridge said, sharing her thoughts on the bold beauty trends that have been sweeping the industry. “You can kind of do whatever makes you happy.”

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Clockwise from top left: Ciara and Diplo; Zendaya; Jeannie Mai, Lily Aldridge, Jean-Christophe Babin, Naomi Scott, and Zendaya; Lily Aldridge and Naomi Scott / Photos via BFA

Aldridge’s appreciation for unapologetic fun shows exactly why she’s had such a fruitful partnership with Bulgari for the past four years, most recently resulting in a new campaign alongside Zendaya and Naomi Scott, which the fashion crowd celebrated at the Duggal Greenhouse in Brooklyn on Thursday night. True to the brand’s unapologetic exuberance and the rock ‘n roll nature of the new B.zero1 collection, the event had a “more is more” dress code as a range of exciting talents came together for an evening of high-energy performances. Mahmood and Becky G both energized the crowd ahead of Ciara, whose third pregnancy didn’t hold her back in the least as she danced her way through old and new hits. The night ended with a set from Diplo, and attendees left knowing exactly what the rock-inspired new collection was all about.

Aldridge, who attended the event in a black, ‘90s-inspired Alexander Wang dress and a Bulgari choker centered upon a standout sapphire, was excited to be at an event with so many friends and collaborators, embracing the joyful, expressive energy that goes right along with her approach to life. Ahead of her big moment, the model spoke with L’Officiel USA about her fashion week beauty essentials, Oscar-nominated movies, and which piece of jewelry makes her instantly feel put together.

Photo via BFA

What are you most looking forward to during fashion week?

Honestly, I’m very excited about this event tonight. I also love seeing all my [designer] friends and what they’re going to create to start the new trends of this fashion week. I just love supporting my friends. In New York specifically, I always love Jason [Wu], and Brandon [Maxwell]’s shows are always something I look forward to. And of course, seeing what Marc Jacobs does. 


Tonight’s party is going to be major, as it kicks off NYFW with so many people there and special performances. What are you most excited about?

I’m most excited about hanging out with Naomi [Scott] and Zendaya because they’re both just so fun and we had such an amazing time shooting this campaign in Rome, so to be together again and to finally be able to tell people and celebrate it is going to be so fun. The campaign is all about being joyful and over the top and laughing and enjoying your life. That’s what Bulgari is about; it’s joyful and fun and unapologetic and that’s very much what the campaign represents. 


How long have you been working with Bulgari and what are some of the highlights? 

I’ve been with them for four years. I love all of the fun we have together, the great shoots and great events, and getting to know Naomi and Zendaya on this last shoot has been really amazing. There’s just such a wonderful bond between us. [When shooting the new campaign], we had so much fun laughing and giggling and having a good time.


Do you have any favorite pieces from the new collection?

I love the new B.zero1 ring. I just think it’s really cool and rock and roll and I love it.

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Lily Aldridge, Zendaya, and Naomi Scott / Photos via BFA and Bulgari

What is one piece of jewelry that instantly makes you feel put together?

A lovely pair of earrings. I think that always solidifies a look. 


What’s a fun makeup trend that you’re embracing heading into spring?

Hung [Vanngo] and I did a really fun beauty look recently where I had pink eyeliner and glitter with a really chic outfit, and I thought it was really fun. I feel like the rules of what is “chic” or “appropriate” are gone now and you can kind of do whatever makes you happy, and if that’s glittery goodness, then yay!   

Are there any other upcoming projects you’d like to touch upon?

It’s just been amazing doing this with Bulgari and we have their amazing event in Rome this summer. I have my perfume line that I’m working on, and that’s been amazing. I have “Haven” and “Summit” that are out right now, and I’ve loved creating it and expanding it and watching it grow. [I’m also looking forward to] just enjoying fashion week, and on Sunday, I will be going to the Oscars.


Do you have a favorite Oscar-nominated movie?

That’s so hard. Honestly, I love all of them. I just watched Jojo Rabbit on the airplane here and it was really, really, really wonderful. It was heartbreaking and just a great movie, and Scarlett Johansson is incredible. 


Fashion week is such a busy time, but there’s also so much pressure to look your best. Do you have anything key to your beauty routine in your busy schedule? 

For me, during fashion week, I love a sheet mask. I always have one with me. It’s like an instant skin-brightening treatment.


How do you make sure you get to spend enough time with your family with all you have going on? 

My children pretty much come with me everywhere. We just travel as a family whether I’m working or my husband is working. 

Photo courtesy of Bulgari

What drew you to create a YouTube channel?

Derek Blasberg, who is the head of YouTube Fashion, asked me, and I’m so glad I did. I love being open and authentic and sharing my stories.


What is something you’d like to see happen in the fashion industry?

I think fashion is moving in the right direction. I think people are becoming more aware of everything. It’s important to focus on issues like sustainability, and how we can create less waste. 


What is something you hope to accomplish in 2020?

Just keep growing and evolving. I think that’s important every year.

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