Louis Vuitton Reveals the Craft Behind Their Spring 2019 Collection

To celebrate Nicolas Ghesquière's latest vision hitting the market, the historic house has revealed the work that went into select pieces.
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Nicolas Ghesquière's futuristic Spring 2019 collection for Louis Vuitton has finally entered the present. After a show that referenced space suits, distant worlds, and our own planet's climate change, the parade of structural pieces is traveling from the LV headquarters to the hands of fashion lovers everywhere. But while the future often makes one think of fast-paced change, the radical shapes and fascinating patterns take root in a meticulous production process.

To celebrate the new collection, Vuitton is giving the world a closer look into how some key pieces come to life. From a miniature reinvention of the classic Dauphine bag to a structural, sequined dress, hours of manual work go into each piece to ensure a design that has as much quality as potential for fascinating passers-by. Below, learn about the craft behind six of Spring 2019's most exciting products, and at your next event, get ready to look light-years ahead of your friends.

Mini Dauphine Bag

This Taurillon leather bag design is a modern take on Vuitton's classic Dauphine, which launched in 1976, and though the new version may be small, the effort behind crafting one is impressive. Assembling one bag takes between 3 and 4 hours, and stages include creasing the edges, checking the thickness, and positioning the clasp, a design that's new to this version. The classic yet revamped style is perfect for a weekend outing, promising to go with everything while showing off a taste for careful detail.

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Trapèze Bag

This new design was a standout on the Spring 2019 runway thanks to its striking geometric shape. It emanates modern femininity with its chain and metal details, as well as a new clasp inspired by classic Vuitton trunks. Making the Trapèze also takes between three and four hours, and involves careful shaping as well as positioning its numerous brass elements. Once all the work is done, the new bag is ready to stand out at a modern art museum or fashion week event.

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LV Tower/LV Transformer Print

In a creative extension of the brand's identity, Ghesquière envisioned an LV-emblazoned building to enhance select pieces. Garments receive a new twist with the design, created with an inkjet and using translucent sequents to resemble raindrops. A gathered waist contrasts with the oversized sleeves, which have stitched pleats and rope inserts, to take the print into the future.

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Sequin Net Embroidery Dress

One of the more involved pieces of the collection, this netted dress stands out with its embroidery and futuristic structure. It takes three days of craftsmanship to perfect, with a process that includes inserting frames into the sculptured sleeves, delicately attaching lambskin buttons to the back, and finishing with a healthy dose of sequins. For those who want to go for something that isn't so nostalgic, this dress will be the coolest look for going out.

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Printed Dress with Embroidered Top

There's also something for those who do want a nostalgic dress, as this one features an eighties-inspired splash pattern surrounding a crystal rocket print. The sequin net sleeve also shines for this number, adding elegance to the streetwear-ready inkjet print. Paired with the Trapèze, this look could be perfect for a night at an art party.

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LV Janet Ankle Boot

While recent Vuitton collections have often been delving into sneakers via the Archlight style, the latest show brought a put-together, feminine vision into the Spring 2019 mix. The Janet boot shines with its pointed toe and thin heel, and the work behind its look makes it feel even more sophisticated. Crafting the leather components is an intricate process, as each piece is hand-cut, molded, and hand-pierced. A tiny monogram detail goes at the tip of each lace, showing it's an LV shoe without diving head-first into logomania. Once everything comes together, the shoes are ready to make any look a little more fierce.

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