Marina Testino Has a Pocket Full of Sunshine and Sustainability

The creative entrepreneur is once again making sustainability chic—one color at a time.
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If you follow Marina Testino on Instagram, you may have noticed that her feed has been a lot more yellow these past two months. That is because the Parsons grad has been actively promoting her  #YellowLikeALemon campaign, raising awareness of fashion’s negative environmental impact. 

Testino launched this project during Paris Fashion Week Fall 2019, she decided to only use clothing and beauty products in their “second lives” all while wearing yellow.  The creative entrepreneur hopes to get the fashion industry to switch from the highly unsustainable linear economy to a circular one. All of the clothes she wore for the two months came under the 4 S’s of Sustainable Fashion: Simplify, Share (or Rent!), Sustainably Made; and Secondary Market. 

#YellowLikeALemon came to a close this past Thursday, and to wrap, Testino celebrated at Chloe 81 with friends including Calu Rivero, and Arianna Marguilis to discuss how the fashion industry can actively fight climate change and promote sustainability. This is Testino’s second color block project under her brand Point Off View. She previously had her One Dress to Impress project where she wore one coral suit every day to bring awareness to our society's attitude towards consumerism and waste.

The official #YellowPartners also did their bid: from thredUP, the world’s largest fashion resale market place, to DL1961, WARP + WEFT, Scotria, For Days and Mola Sasa, inspiring sustainable brands or PELA, pioneering in bio-degradable phone cases, all supported Marina’s colorful statement: sustainability is the only possible alternative.

With this only being Testino's second environmental campaign, we can't wait to see her continuing to fight for environmental change one monochromatic look at a time.


To learn more about Testino's work, visit Point Off View.

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