Max Mara Celebrates 10 Years of The Cube

For its 10th anniversary, the Italian brand has invited renowned photographers to reinterpret The Cube.
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It’s been a decade since Max Mara introduced The Cube, the innovative project that birthed a range of functional and lightweight outerwear and accessories that can all be conveniently fitted within, well, a cube. To mark the occasion, Max Mara tasked a handful of photographers to capture their interpretations of The Cube on camera, which resulted in a series of intriguing square-format shots for Fall 2018:


For Spring 2019, the Italian brand has enlisted photographers Koto Bolofo and Erik Madigan Heck to capture the cult object in a new light. The former presented the iconic down jacket as a form of armor, while Heck brought it to life through playful imagery with saturated hues.

Discover the images below:

1549294818885316 erik madigan heck 21549294818552227 erik madigan heck 3
Erik Madigan Heck
1549294819215852 erik madigan heck 1
Erik Madigan Heck
1549294816621264 koto bolofo 31549294819516045 koto bolofo 2
Koto Bolofo
1549294819873188 koto bolofo 4
Koto Bolofo

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