MedMen, but Made Fashion

The famed marijuana dispensary just launched a line of merch.
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Marijuana consumers can now be #fashion. MedMen, the cannabis dispensary, otherwise referred to as the “Apple store of marijuana,” is now selling merchandise. The brand launched its first cannabis collection last fall in New York with the hopes to provide top-quality products for their recipients. Now, they are shaking things up again.

The $2.2 billion Los Angeles based company has been selling some items in specific locations, but now, will sell eight items through a standalone website. The collection has a price range of $15 to $129. The items to be sold include varsity jackets, black foil tees, gray chenille hoodies, dad hats, yoga mats, pins, key chains, and graphic tees all incorporating the definitive red color of the brand.

Marijuana is decriminalized in New York, but not completely legal. The t-shirts within the collection emphasize the points discussed in MedMen’s advertisements that aim to increase awareness and understanding around cannabis use. The new launch hopes to further that conversation and put a stop to taboos. Widespread acceptance of adult-use marijuana is helping to remove the stigmas surrounding cannabis, and the apparel campaign underscores that message through an aspirational and accepting lens. 

View pieces from the collection below. Available now at MedMen.


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