New Campaigns Stray Away From Famous Faces

Brands are casting fresh faces for their campaigns, and no, they're not your next It-girls.

When it comes to advertising, most brands want to cast the It-celebrity, have the edgiest pictures, spark some controversies, and most importantly, BREAK THE INTERNET. You know what they say, any publicity — even if it’s bad — is good publicity. And the results from recent years? You’ve got Kendall Jenner on every billboard and campaign: one day she’s an adidas girl and now she’s the face of Tod’s. When you see the same face across so many brands, the identity of these brands gets diluted. Since they share the same face for the brand, do they share the same identity then? Not necessarily, but nothing really sets them apart either. And we as consumers, become desensitized to these ads. We become bored.

Recently, other brands have dealt with this in a completely opposite (positive) way. Sort of like a strike back to these star-studded campaigns. During the holidays, Sephora launched its most diverse holiday campaign by inviting more than 1,000 of its own employees to submit a video entry to be featured in the company's next advertising campaign. 

Sephora Holiday Campaign

Y/Project also featured the whole atelier team, including the interns, for its Spring2018 collection. The photoshoot somehow also served as a company outing, where they drove to the outskirts of Paris, swam, and even rode on horses. Creative director Glenn Martens told Dazed that he wanted to celebrate the individuality of the Y/Project family, so that “each [employee] is part of the history of the brand.”

Y/Project SS18

Demna Gvasalia has also successfully done this with Vetements and Balenciaga’s Spring 2018 campaigns. For its menswear collection, normal people were shot in the streets of Zurich by Gvasalia — a candid picture of a couple with their baby, an old man awkwardly posing in front of an erotic shop, and a tourist holding a piece of wrinkled map.

So, is this all some reverse psychology ploy to grab more consumers? Probably. Is it working? Definitely. And we have a feeling that this is going to become a growing trend in the future.


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