Nike Took an Unconventional Approach With Their New Collection

By women, for women.
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Nike has, by and large, been made for men. That's not to say they don't make shoes for women, but rather that their overall brand persona has long been catered to men more so than women. With its most recent release though it seems they're looking to change that.

For its new collection, optimistically (and gender-neutrally!) titled Reimagined 1, Nike asked 14 female designers to re-vamp their iconic Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1 shoes over the course of five days. What they came out with was 10 sneakers, five of each shoe inspired by the designers' view of a modern woman's style. The archetypes they came up with are the Lover, the Jester, the Explorer, the Sage, and the Rebel, each a different interpretation of the same shoe, which represents the multi-faceted nature of a woman. 

"They were designed for men, and now the challenge was to reimagine them for women," a senior creative director at Nike Sportswear, Georgina James, stated. The women worked as a team, ultimately creating sneakers that were wholly reimagined.


Check out what the team's reimaginations below. 


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