Puma Rose: "It Would be Ridiculous to Live in Our Time and Not be a Feminist"

Puma Rose Buck has a huge name to live up to. Her mother, Sybil Buck, remains known as one of the biggest grunge fashion icons of the 90's. Today, Puma Rose follows in her mother's footsteps and recounts her first fashion experiences.
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Earlier this year in Milan, Puma Rose kicked off her fashion career on the runway for Miu Miu. Walking in a pink, neo-punk gown, with an embroidered empire waist and an embellishment of pearls around her neck, she embodied her mother’s top-model spirit. 

Puma Rose’s signature maroon hair and her rebellious demeanor reminded fashion fanatics of her mother's spirit. Sybil Buck, the queen of grunge, challenged all the archetypes of modeling during the 90’s. Born in Versailles, but having grown up in Connecticut, Sybil decided to flee to Paris in 1991. To finance her dream of studying art, she started modeling. With her career off to a slow start, a frustrated Sybil decided to dye her hair red out of pure anguish. Little did she know, this would soon be her claim to fame.  

The mother-daughter duo walked together for Marine Serre , ending Puma's first fashion week on a momentous note. Puma praises her mother as one of her many role models. She recognizes that amidst the chaos it takes to endure the fashion industry, her mother has always encouraged her to pursue her interests. We sat down with the visionary young model herself and to talk all things fashion, wellness and feminsim.


L'Officiel: How did you feel when walking with your mother last Spring for Marine Serre?

Puma Rose: It was a sweet and special moment for both of us. I admire my mother so much that it seemed right to end my first season walking with her.


LO: Did you dye your hair red as a tribute to your mother's legendary hair color in the 90’s?

PR: I wish I could say that I thought about it, but last year, in a dull moment, I just bought a dye to get red hair. As soon as I looked at myself in the mirror, I said to myself “yes, this is so me”. I absolutely feel like a redhead, and I also like the idea of paying a little tribute to my mom who means so much to me.


LO: Is there a story behind your first name Puma Rose?

PR: My parents gave me this first name in reference to Puma Jones, the singer and dancer of the reggae group Black Uhuru. And Rose is my aunt's middle name.


PR: What are your first memories related to backstage in the music world?

LO: All my first memories are backstage! I have been on tour with my parents since I was in my mother's womb! My favorite memories are those on tour with my parents in San Francisco, I would sneak backstage to eat the delicious food, or watch my father play guitar from behind the scenes. For me, he is the greatest guitarist of all time.



LO: What were the highlights of your first fashion week?

PR: I have so many! The backstage experience of Matty Bovan made me feel like I was in a science fiction adventure film, with all the girls wearing magnificent headdresses and huge wigs like alien princesses. At Miu Miu, I felt like a princess at the ball, I was completely fascinated by the beauty of all the girls. And at Marc Jacobs, the energy was unmatched. We could all feel that we were part of something more important than a simple parade. 

It was also truly a surreal experience to have the opportunity to work with such fashion industry legends like makeup artist Pat McGrath, one of the sweetest women I have ever met, or hairdresser Guido Palau who made me the most magnificent curly crown I could have dreamed of for Miu Miu.


LO: What is your lucky charm?

PR: I have a lot. The first that comes to mind is my Jupiter-themed charm necklace. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, optimism and luck, which are my three guiding principles. My mother and I have matching ones.


LO: How would you define your style?

PR: In constant evolution, always comfortable, vintage and a little androgynous.


LO: How do you like to spend your time when you're not modeling?

PR: I compose a lot of music and now that I'm back in New York, I'm going to start recording music with two of my friends. We plan to play a few concerts here over the next few months. I'm really excited. I also always write, I write in my journal every day, poetry, prose or just thoughts.



LO: Living in New York, how would you describe an ideal day in the city for you? 

PR: A perfect day in New York would certainly be a day with lots of sun, spent in my favorite garden on Elizabeth Street and cooking lots of good food. With the people I love the most!

LO: What are some mainstays in your wellness routine? We hear you're a big fan of yoga.

PR: I wouldn't say I'm addicted, but I do a lot of yoga. It's more of a mental practice than a physical one for me, I don't really like very difficult classes where it's intense and sweaty. It's very important for me to have this time to check my body and mind daily. And no, I'm not vegan, but I do try to be as vegetarian as possible, for the planet and for animals. It would be really hard for me to go without eggs!

LO: Do you consider yourself a feminist?

PR: Certainly, it would be ridiculous to live in our time and not be. I think that being an activist is imperative because ecological and social problems are becoming more and more acute.

LO: Who is your role model?

PR: In terms of art and writing, Patti Smith. I like her androgynous style and her vulnerable, sincere spirit. However, my greatest role models will always be my parents and my grandmother.



Styling assistant: Gabriela Cambero
Photo assistant: Jack Orton
Hair: Muriel Vancuwen
Makeup: Sergio Corvachio

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