The Viral Quarantine Pillow Challenge May Be The Most Ridiculous Instagram Challenge Yet

This Spring the hottest dress trend can be found right at home
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In case the quarantine nickname game wasn't enough to stave off boredom, allow us to introduce you to the pillow dress challenge. Today, when we spend most of our time at home due to quarantine, a new trend of pillow dresses has begun to spread on Instagram. It’s very simple, just add a big pillow to your body and strap on a wide belt. Such dresses are already adorned with a multitude of social media influencers, under the hashtag #quarantinepillowchallenge. The photos in which they create these dresses are also marked by one of the most popular Instagram hashtags #outfitoftheday, in case you find yourself needing some pillowdress inspiration. The fluffier the pillow, the puffier the dress; and, of course, there are unlimited styling options. From Bottega Veneta accessories to pairing your pillow with socks and sandals, the viral challenge one of the most fun to join in on. Extra points for an unexpected designer belt.

When it comes to dress trends, Instagram always plays major role. Each year it seems a new wave of trendy dresses dominate our explore pages, and then eventually, our closets. A few years ago, mini dresses were represented by wide sports shirts fastened with corset straps. Then wardrobes were conquered by silk slip dresses, similar to seductive nightgowns, which, incidentally, are fashionable again this year. Each style was carefully photographed in the mirror by influencers everywhere, just like the novel pillow dress. Let's just hope no one ever wears this style out of the house.

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