Reebok Relaunches the Aztrek with a 90s-Inspired Campaign

The sneaker brand has partnered with six millennial tastemakers to celebrate individualism, releasing five rare capsule collections alongside the shoes.
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Over the last few seasons, '90s inspiration has completely taken fashion by storm, from logo-covered athleisure to tiny sunglasses to neons galore. Perhaps the most major part of this revival is the ugly sneaker trend, so Reebok decided there was no better time to relaunch the Aztrek, their iconic trainer from the actual 1990s. 

Fitting the mix of nostalgia and innovation, the campaign's six stars are creatives and tastemakers whose formative years fell at the end of the millennium. Social media phenomenon Jay Versace, Frankie Collective creative director Sara Goulay, Kirk Tilton of L.A. vintage institution For All to Envy, and more discuss their inspirations for the “Aztrek: 90s Re-Run" video series. All have individualistic, entrepreneurial spirits, which they connect to the creative explosion of two decades ago, as well as the sneaker's journey from performance to fashion. 


Shot on film in homage to '90s visual culture, the videos feature the millennial tastemakers adventuring around scenic environments in Upstate New York, the deserts of Joshua Tree and Death Valley, and Utah's slot canyons. Everyone wears colorful, athletic outfits that appear straight out of the decade rather than simply inspired by it, and the starring shoes take center stage from every angle, shown in all types of physical activity as well as flying off in pastel smoke.

The combination of engaging imagery with young creatives provides a convincing picture of why the '90s have been such a major inspiration for the past few years, but Reebok didn't stop at just the shoes. In addition to the new Aztreks, five capsule collections from the campaign's partners are available, but there's a major catch: the pieces are so rare that fans must enter a giveaway in order to obtain them. Each creative's vision will enter the closets of six lucky winners, while other entrants will just have to purchase a pair of the relaunched shoes and use some '90s-inspired creativity to craft a colorful ensemble to match.

Reebok's Fall/Winter 2018 Aztreks are available now online.

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