Richard Quinn Dresses Black Barbie for Fall/Winter 2021

British designer Richard Quinn teamed up with Barbie to tease his collection.
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Amidst a brief, mainly digital London Fashion Week, British designer Richard Quinn teases his Fall/Winter 2021 collection with some help from a Black Barbie doll. The toy teases his Fall/Winter 2021 collection, which will be presented in March. 

“If we could do a real show this season, we would definitely choose Barbie to open it,” said Quinn. The designer also admitted that he enjoyed creating miniature fashion.

It took the designer about 10 hours to create the look for the doll, two hours to design and eight hours to embellish the sequined dress. Quinn is known for his elaborate runway creations that often blend opulent embellishment with subversive kink-inspired elements. For Barbie, however, everything is perfectly ladylike.

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