Rick Owens Designed a Pair of Hairy Birkenstocks

As part of the orthopedic footwear brand's continuing Box Project.
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Following in the (quite literal) footsteps of Balenciaga, Rick Owens is teaming up with a footwear brand well-known for being distinctly unfashionable. Where Gvasalia reimagined a pair of rubbery crocks into platform shoes, Owens has created a pair of hairy Birkenstocks — function and fashion?


Owens is the first designer to have a collaboration with the orthopedic footwear company, founded all the way back in 1774. The team up comes as part of Birkenstock’s Box project, which aims to reposition itself in a more sartorial light. As such, a mobile pop-up shop, The Box, will park be parked outside the Rick Owens store in Los Angeles on April 17. There, consumers can grab four different interpretations of varying fabrics, including cow fur, felt, and full-grain leather.


For those not based in Los Angeles, you can purchase the collaboration online from Rick Owens and Birkenstock this April 17 [This post has been updated to reflect a change in event date].


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