A Stones Rocker for Each Pair of Socks from their Happy Socks Collab

They come in colors everywhere!
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Photos Courtesy of Happy Socks

Swedish underwear and socks brand Happy Socks have announced a special limited-edition collection of socks featuring designs inspired by the Rolling Stones' iconic logo. The launch comes as the rock band prepares to kick-off the US leg of their No Filter tour in Miami on April 20th. The Stones' rock n' roll spirit blends with Happy Socks' signature highly colorful graphics, creating a collection that'll knock your current socks off. But don't worry, you can buy these instead, which start at $16 a pair (and $8 for children's socks). The socks will also be available in Collector's Gift Boxes, with prices ranging from $32 to $96.

You'll be able to shop the groovy styles in Happy Socks' Concept Stores and on their website. To make choosing which socks you should get easier, we've matched each pair with a Stones song, so you can get what you want and what you need!


The bubbly pattern on the snazzy pair reminds us of The Stones' 1974 video for "It's Only Rock 'N' Roll (But I Like It)", which features the boys, clad in sailor uniforms, rocking it out in a massive bubble bath-like contraption. Perfect for anyone who swears the Stones "Golden Age" didn't peak with Exile on Main St. Anyways, check out the video below for laughs and bubbles.



These socks have us seeing every color, which is why they remind us of—let's face it—the only memorable track on the Stones' brief foray into psychedelic rock, "She's A Rainbow." But if you liked Their Satanic Majesties Request, you'll definitely want to cop these socks and come in colors everywhere.



The groovy cool tones on these socks have got us humming the ooh's and ah's from 1978's "Miss You," perhaps the closest the Stones ever got to disco (Mr. Jagger was, by then, a regular at Studio 54). The colors also mirror those on the Some Girls album cover, which the track appears on. Fun fact: Some Girls was the band's best selling album in the United-States. So if you're into success (or disco), these are the socks for you. Watch the promotional video below if you want to see Mick Jagger acting out getting freaky in the streets of New York City at night (skip to 2:10 for a funky time).



You know that fantasy you have of being at a music festival, drink in hand, listening to Mick Jagger belt out "Tumbling Dice" as the sun goes down? Or is that just me? Regardless, these socks, with their warm sunset tones, have us dreaming about carefree summer nights soundtracked by Exile on Main St. This album was created in the sunny South of France and it shows. Each track feels like the summer, and "Tumbling Dice" is perhaps the sunniest of them all. If there's one pair of socks you should wear with your Birkenstocks (if you must), make it these ones.




"Let It Bleed" with these ruby red socks. "Let It Bleed" is an uncommon love song about emotional dependency, and these socks also being the color of love make them great pair to buy for, or share with, a person who always has your back. 



We're starry-eyed over these electric blue socks, and their explosive design reminds us of the equally spirited women that inspired the 1973 track "Star Star." A cheeky homage to their female company on the road, the song describes these women who, much like these socks, were "covered" in stars. Check out this fun live performance of it below.



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