Rowan Blanchard's Boldest Fashion Moments

The actress has established a style as strong as her opinions, so to celebrate her 18th birthday, we've compiled ten of her best looks.
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Photos via Instagram / @rowanblanchard

Rowan Blanchard may turn 18 today, but she's set herself apart in the entertainment world (and on the internet) through a powerful combination of talent and voice. After starting out in acting through roles in projects like The Back-Up Plan and Spy Kids: All the Time in the World, her big break was as the star of 2014's Girl Meets World, which attracted interest with its nostalgia factor and ran a successful three seasons with its talented cast and modern feel. Since then, the actress has taken on various other roles, including in A Wrinkle in Time and on The Goldbergs, but perhaps the most memorable arc of recent years has been that of her activism. Passionate about discussing what she believes in, she has been vocal (mostly on the internet, but also at the UN Women's annual conference) about issues like feminism, human rights, and gun violence. Through this, the world got to know her opinions as much as her talent, making her quickly gain a lot of attention as the voice of her generation (as noted when she covered our Fall 2018 issue).

These days, while Blanchard still cares about the issues she's highlighted, she no longer self-identifies as an activist. Due to finding her acting career and her activism to have a complex relationship (and, certainly, the growing pressure of being placed on such a pedestal), she's taken a step back to focus on herself and her career, which has resulted in her style taking the spotlight as she works on upcoming projects like Snowpiercer. A favorite of brands like Marc Jacobs, Rodarte, and Tomo Koizumi (which she even walked in February), the young talent has proven to have a taste for boldness and extravagance via snaps on her Instagram, which has become a fashion inspiration hotbed. Below, see ten of Blanchard's best looks, and get excited for more as she continues to enjoy the moment and have fun with fashion.

Just the other day, Blanchard posted a series of unapologetic snaps on Instagram along with a telling caption: "Yes it’s true ! Now that I don’t self id as activist anymore I just love to share my outfits on here !!!! Enjoy luv." This fitted white dress, which she paired with a green shrug, pearl-covered sandals, and a ribbon headband, made for a standout cover photo as the actress relaxed in a lounge chair.

The fluffy green shrug had made a prior appearance in a mirror selfie a few days prior, which Blanchard had fittingly captioned "Libra supremacist," highlighting her excitement about her birthday season in the most zodiac way possible. Her look proved that her new favorite accessory doesn't need to pair with neutrals to shine, as it made a fun statement alongside a neon pink crop top, a floral skirt, and over-the-top earrings.

Maximalist headbands are having a moment (just in time for the Gossip Girl reboot), and Blanchard is well on top of the trend. The talent wore her sky-high accessory alongside an art-inspired top, simple black pants, and pointed-toe heels, proving the future of fashion is both sustainable and stylish as she attended a New York Fashion Week event celebrating Maria Cornejo.

Blanchard had kicked off her fashion week in a look that was Studio 54 meets early aughts. Attending an H&M Studio launch party alongside the likes of Barbie Ferreira and Indya Moore, her look from the collection comprised a sequined crop top and a leather midi skirt, which she made her own by wearing low enough to allow a G-string to make an appearance.

This dress was a comparatively simple look for Blanchard, given it focused on one aesthetic: the ever-trendy animal print. But it certainly wasn't boring in the least—the fitted dress is a Mugler by much-celebrated creative director Casey Cadwallader, and the matching shoes only add to its power.

While she's come to embrace a high femme aesthetic most of the time, Blanchard also knows how to rock some power tailoring when she sees it. This all-white Giambattista Valli look created modern cohesion with tousled hair and a red lip.

The young actress has been quoted expressing her appreciation for vintage style, which contributes to her unique aesthetic all while embracing sustainability. This denim corset, which she found for $20, made a fun combination with her mom's old boots and a Dover Street Market minidress she'd been waiting for years to break out.

At first glance, this is just a fun neutral leather look, but there's a twist. Its material is pineapple bark, making for a sustainable fashion moment that doubles as a fun fact to drop at a party (or on Instagram, as Blanchard did: "Hi girls my outfit is made out of pineapples!!!!!!!"). BRB, it's time to make sure pineapples are on the shopping list, and we're not talking for juices.

Marc Jacobs has displayed some especially maximalist creativity as of late, and the looks are so bold that, thoough incredibly chic, it takes someone with eccentric taste to pioneer them into wearable territory. Blanchard was up for the challenge, showing off a cropped jacket and glimmering pants in a moment that displayed eclectic inspiration ('90s hip hop meets centuries-old high society, hello) while feeling true to her personality.

Last but not least, these highlights wouldn't be complete without some Gucci. With Blanchard's embrace of individuality with a bit of quirk, the brand is a solid fit for her current aesthetic, and this iridescent blue number, in all its puffy-sleeved and ruffled glory, made a memorable statement.


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