Seal it with a Gift: La Femme Fatale

Our guide to gifts for the mysterious (and deadly) seductress in your life.
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It’s been a great year for women. With Harvey Weinstein staring at indictments and a historic mid-term election for female candidates; powerful women have reasons to rejoice. A femme fatale, though, is always rejoicing life like a one, big, constant conquest. Hopefully, you are lucky enough to have loved and lost a skillful seductress. In case you haven’t, we’ve put together the best gifts to warm up that sometimes-killer charm.

Alaïa Velvet Gloves

All the best criminals, forensic experts, and Law & Order: SVU fans know that leaving fingerprints is a big no-no. The best solution to avoid prints at the scene of a one-night-stand you never want to hear from again? Alaïa elbow-length velvet gloves. Wear these with a gown to Madame Butterfly or with a three-quarter sleeve coat when driving away with your date’s Ferrari.

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Vesper Vibrator

Discreet enough to wear around your neck as jewelry; this is the perfect accessory for any femme fatale. A vibrator that doubles as a necklace makes it possible to get your rocks off anywhere. Men are erroneous in a femme fatale’s world; especially boring ones. Escape an insufferable date with this piece of mirthful possibility. This necklace gives Kathryn Merteuil of Cruel Intentions vibes.

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Balenciaga Knife Stretch-Knit Thigh Boots

If Catwoman had nine lives, she’d wear these in all of them. These boots evoke a serious warmth for embracing the revelry of life. Like it’s practically dancing across a femme fatale’s face, sexuality is synonymous with these thigh high stretch stilettos. Stretch boots are the ultimate jetsetter’s dream; carry-on-only devotees will love this small but ultra-glam suitcase addition.

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Lord Jones CBD lotion

Stilettos can be painful; especially when walking all over someone. Applying this luxury CBD lotion before a big night can banish all heel-side aches and pains. Ibuprofen is so 90’s. Inaugurate the new age of natural pain relief with Lord Jones.

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Dos Perros Extra Añejo

“Mezcal, neat.” A mysterious girl needs a mysterious signature drink. This aperitif order is guaranteed to turn heads in any crowd. The tasting notes of this award-winning drink describe its finish as, “the aggressive sweetness of a hooker’s attention, 2 nights before rent is due.”

Pro tip: Best to watch your glass around any femme fatale; it could be the last memory you have before signing over a fortune.

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Candy Bra

A saccharine spin on lingerie, this one-size-fits-most bra is made of candy necklace strands. Every sizzling siren has an impressive collection of undergarments that doubles as outerwear, depending on the occasion. A sweet surprise beneath a trench coat, it is sure to enthuse all men and women regardless of their sweet-tooth.

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Sisley Under-Eye Concealer

All-nighters are fun, dark circles are not. A femme fatale can never show signs of tying-one-on. Luckily Sisley has the perfect solution for night owls. This combination concealer and skincare has a cold-tip applicator to attack puffiness and discoloration all at once. Thanks to the handy travel brush included in the kit, no one will ever know what sort of delicious malevolence the prior night saw.

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