Seal it with a Gift: Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Gifts for the woman who beguiles.
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We all know those people that are capable of magically opening our eyes to the more eclectic things in life: wagyu with uni, improvised Shakespeare, the refreshing alchemy of an amazing Spotify playlist. For the young or inspirable, a manic pixie dream girl changes everything. She’s unpredictable and fragile; a quantum mechanical mystery. She’s got a lovely way with words and often says the kinds of things that make you desperate to see through her kaleidoscope. Like it or not, she sets the bar for everyone else. This year, we raised the bar on gifts for the manic pixie dream girl in your life. In the words of Penny Lane from Almost Famous: “It’s all happening."

Steamline Luggage Carryon

A dream girl is always on the go. Whether it’s a window seat to Morocco or a trip to the desert to recharge malachite in the full moonlight; she makes moves. This leather carry-on is so chic, it’s the sort of frank need that seasoned travelers can’t live without. Occasionally life affords the dolce far niente to ask the sorts of questions that go largely unexamined: where did leather luggage go? This line of carry-ons and stowaways has all the answers.

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Retrouvé Intensive Replenishing Moisturizer

The high-flying life of an adventure-seeker takes a major toll on dream-skins alike. Made by beauty genius Jami Heidegger of Kiehl’s fame, this serum/moisturizer is seriously worth its price tag. The gorgeous black airtight packaging will unsheathe a marvel smile and guarantee a prominent place on any vanity. The highly active ingredients make this delicious anti-aging tool a must-have for all climates and gypsy-minded travelers. Pro tip: Mix with your favorite foundation or base for a dewy glow that would make Bianca Jagger at Studio 54 ooze with jealousy.

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Le Petit Ermitage Hotel Stay

This member’s only club/hotel is more than a staycation: it’s where artists have permanent asylum. Guests may find they recapture for a moment the self that they were long ago. A wide-brim nod to St. Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum, Petit orchestrates its own impressive modern art collection on the hallway walls. A manic pixie dream girl will feel right at home at the rooftop butterfly and hummingbird sanctuary or by the saltwater pool overlooking West Hollywood. Nightly hijinks tingle with blithe and possibility for guests and members. A dream girl is usually the one who casts a spell; let the roles reverse with a stay at this enchanting boutique.

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MONK Botanicals

A manic pixie dream girl loves to maintain her cool. As the time changes throughout the day, so does her mood. In the grip of a dire evening, sometimes there’s no way to quench anxiety but with a little assistance. These CBD botanical drinks are perfect to quench any itchy irritability just beneath the surface. Also, a perfect mixer for alcohol, any Monk Provisions flavor exudes the most amazing sense of deliciousness and desire to play.  

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Worth & Worth Hat

If Zelda Fitzgerald was around today, she’d love Orlando Palacio and his many hats. Floating about with anonymity is a calculated effort. These ultra-high-quality handmade hats give new meaning to a traditional haberdashery. Situated inside the Turnbull & Asser store on 57th Street in NYC, Palacios is a gatekeeper of men’s and women’s headwear. A perfect present for any manic pixie dream girl, this hat may get her so choked up, be sure you know the Heimlich.

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