Sies Marjan Fall 2018

Sies Marjan presented a technicolor dreamworld for Fall 2018. Models marched around the audience under a light that changed to deep shades of red, purple blue, and green wearing ombré dresses, sweaters and other pieces that were saturated in color.
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Memorable piece —

Look 19, an iridescent almost holographic trench coat and matching supersize bag.


Remarkable fabric —

The net-like gauzy tulle that romantically wrapped around the dresses, as seen in look 22, in both pink and black.

Collection inspiration —

Designer Sander Lak told the press he was inspired by an intense dream—and per usually, lots and lots of color. Mint pleated turtlenecks were paired with forest green trousers, and patent blush jackets with darker rose tops and inky black pants.


Potential trend —

Ombré, color faded clothing in unexpected shades, like slinky slip dresses that fade from red to blue.


Location —

The show took place inside the the Penn Plaza Pavilion, which was transformed into a spectacular yet dreamy light show for the occasion.



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