Tako Mekvabidze Hosts a Gorgeous Georgian Cruise Show

Batumi Boulevard served as the backdrop for the designer's new line.
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Giorgi Tsetskhladze

Georgian designer Tako Mekvabidze graced the coastal city of Batumi with a luxurious cruise show on July 29, elegantly presenting the latest collection from her Kendall Jenner-approved eponymous brand to the world. The Georgian port city’s ancient history and luscious scenery, along with its status as Mekvabidze's hometown, deemed it the ideal destination for the line’s debut, providing a personal backdrop to the designer’s creations. With a theme surrounding her childhood memories and '90s Batumi nostalgia, the new range sartorially interprets the city’s classic white pillars, Eurasian seashells, and a vision of the female silhouette graciously exploring an azure-toned seaside. 

Mekvabidze’s cruise show featured a variety of summer dresses, pants, skirts, and shirts that embody the oceanside inspiration for the collection and accentuate the female form in a variety of styles and colors. Light blues and pinks parallel bright whites and soft yellows in a mix of glossy and flowy fabrics to establish the entire line's bright aura. As each model made their way down the 19th century Boulevard of Batumi, white pillars and warm lights set the scene as a reminder of the significance behind each piece.

Through the blossoming springs, Black Sea-breezed summers, colorful falls, and blanketing winters, Batumi provides year-round inspiration for the designer. The tranquility of nature and the architectural beauty of her hometown provide a foundation for her label and continue to influence her design process. The Mekvabidze woman is a carefree romantic who harmoniously merges with the sea and nature, a persona that stems from the designer’s roots in Batumi. Tako Mekvabidze’s cruise show on the Batumi Boulevard displayed this commitment to her cultural identity and exhibited her exquisite summer collection beautifully. 



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