The Highlights of New York Fashion Week

Tom Ford's ode to '80s Beverly Hills really hit the mark, while Phillipp Plein's futuristic spectacle was questionable. The Fall 2018 shows had us feeling all sorts of emotions.
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Outer Space Invasion

It's never just a pop of color with Jeremy Scott; his designs always oveflow with all the hues one can possibly fit into one outfit. We can't decide if his men's and women's Fall 2018 collection gave off a more sci-fi vibe, or an '80s gymnastic look (those colorful tights though). The designer also celebrated the launch of his collaboration with MAC Cosmetics, hence the festive eyes action. 

Read our interview with Jeremy Scott, where he talks about this collection and more. 

Rocky Runway

Creative Director Raul Lopez is famous for his gender-defying designs. The young designer who is an alumni of Hood by Air, sent several strong suits down the runway, but also some very confusing and abstract pieces. In one of his more "wearable" outfits, the model walked the runway in stilts, and she looked terrified. At times like these, it's difficult to find that fine line between fashion and art — and maybe that's the point?

'80s Rodeo Drive

Tom Ford gave not one, but two remarkable shows in a week, having only two days in between the shows. For his women's Fall 2018 collection, he threw things back to Beverly Hills in the '80s— lots of animal prints (despite his decision to use less fur) and glitter bandanas. It's also not Rodeo Drive without stars on the front row. Zayn, Julianne Moore, and Elizabeth Banks were just some of the celebrities who caught everybody's attention. 

Juicy's First Show

Ah, we've been waiting on this 2000s revival. Creative director Jamie Mizhari purposely omitted the tracksuits in the first half of the show — she wanted everyone to see the leather jackets, sequined pants, and tie-dyed faux fur. But, at the end of the show, fancier versions of Juicy Couture's signarure tracksuits came out, putting everybody at ease. Well, at least those who would want to pay way more for them now. 

Calvin Klein's Edible Runway

This year, Calvin Klein got poppin' at the American Stock Exchange. Literally. The floors were swamped with half a foot of popcorn, as models scraped through them in firemen inspired outerwears while clutching Calvin Klein branded popcorn paperbags. The space was also transformed into a barn like setting, similar to the brand's campaign ads. 

AWG: Serving the Industry Since 2004

For his last NYFW show (on the conventional schedule), Wang reminded everyone that he's not just about the "Wangfest." Located at Condé Nast's previous headquarters, the CEO-inspired collection was packed with bold sillouhettes, a lot of zipper accents, and tiny bedazzled sunglasses. Moving his show to a June/December schedule is a bold move for Wang, and he's definitely sending this message in his Fall 2018 collection. 

Philipp Plein's Winter Olympics

We get it. Fashion shows (especially nowadays) are more than just about the clothes, shoes, or accessories. The setting and the music really contribute to the whole nuance of the collection and some designers have done this incredibly well. But Plein went overboard: the space was filled with weed smoke. There was a bulldozer and snow bikes on set. Supermodel Irina Shayk descended from a UFO and walked down the "snowy" runway with a Transformer-esque robot. Then Migos performed, and the whole thing turned into an after party. Seriously dude? 

Desmond Is Amazing

Rio Uribe made sure his Gypsy Sport runway was home to personal expression, as he sent models of varying age and body size. One model stole the show: 10-year-old Desmond Napoles walked down with confidence and pride, and aced his runway debut. The self-proclaimed "drag kid" is also an LGBTQ advocate and a founder of his own drag house. "We're in a polarizing moment where everything is black or white, or even black versus white. I want to break out of that narrative," told creative director Uribe to Vogue Runway

Marc Jacobs' Bold Runway

To close NYFW, Marc Jacobs played with exagerated silhouettes, from oversized colorful outerwear to huge scarves and hats. Despite everybody's chit chat about John Targon, the new designer on board (who was nowehere to be seen on Wednesday night), Jacobs still showed a strong collection— proving that he's still got it. "These are runway clothes. That's what I know how to do...that's what I'm doing. I love doing this," said Jacobs in the press release. 

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