Thom Browne Will Have You Ready for a Campy Summer

The designer took it to Coney Island for his new campaign, which stars Parker Kit Hill as a seagull.
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Photography by Thomas McCarty

Have you, too, been feeling down after April showers led not to May flowers, but to even more rain? Maybe Thom Browne’s new campaign can cheer you up. For a beach-inspired capsule launching online this month, the designer tapped Parker Kit Hill to pose as a seagull amidst a cast of models in colorful garb.

Literally. A seagull. The hilarious social media star, who once gave L’Officiel USA’s Instagram stories audience some talking-hand dating advice and also joined us the other week to primally celebrate The Blond’s third anniversary, wears a look perfectly resembling the coastal bird as he poses on Coney Island. Bending his arms like wings, Hill shows off a full ensemble ready to take flight: three matching feathered pieces (an open jacket, Bermuda shorts, and a chic head covering), orange platform sneakers (AKA street wear’s version of webbed feet), and a boat-patterned body tight featuring a fake tie and collar.

This is definitely what a seagull would wear to a classy party, and while we’ll have to wait and see if anyone decides to copy the full ensemble, the spirit of camp is alive and well. Browne designed Cardi B’s over-the-top gown for the camp-themed Met Gala, so the campaign is a perfect next step right in the middle of a moment where the world is embracing more fun with fashion. Get ready for a summer full of spotting feathers around fashion cities—and hopefully some birdlike poses on the beach—as the new beach capsule hits the market this month.

See photos from the campaign in the gallery below.




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