The Perfect Purse for Daenerys Targaryen

Freely inspired by the Game of Thrones saga, the new collection of Delvaux bags goes on an adventure in an ultra-Arthurian video series by Nic Courdy.

The historic Belgian leather goods brand Delvaux has created four new bags perfect for a place around a contemporary Round Table or, you know, Westeros. Among them is the Iron Shield, a leather hybrid that looks somewhere between a knight’s armor and a dragon’s scales and whose flap evokes the uniform of Medeival heros. Other pieces of the collection include the Queen's Desire, the Black Beauty, and the Golden Glory. The gothic and sometimes auriferous look inspired artist Nic Courdy’s videos, set to Berlioz’s "Symphonique Fantastique."

Available now in select Delvaux boutiques.

Delvaux Couture Exclusive Collection — Iron Shield


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