Where to Get Those Sparkly Swimsuits It Girls Can’t Stop Wearing

As seen on Kourtney Kardashian and Rita Ora.
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Scrolling through our Instagram feeds each summer, we’re quickly introduced to the season’s new swim brands and trends. Whether it’s your fashion-industry friend who always seems to have her finger on the pulse, your favorite style blogger or it-girl, Instagram is the easiest way to learn what swim you need to buy for your much-anticipated summer trip.

This season, one brand, in particular, has become a celebrity favorite. Pictures of Kourtney Kardashian and Rita Ora wearing this season’s metallic, iridescent, and shimmery lurex suits in chic jewel tones have flooded our feeds and made us stop dead in our Instagram-trolling tracks. These are swimsuits unlike any we’ve seen before - and for that, we’ve dubbed them the swimwear of the season.

The brand in question, Oséree, whose suits are made in Italy and sourced with the highest quality fabrics, draws its name from the French verb “osé,” meaning, “to dare.” These suits are electric and daring, to be sure, but the silhouettes and fit are timeless, molding effortlessly to a woman’s natural figure. Designers Isabella and Jannine aimed to create swimwear for the modern globe-trotter whose style is unique and elegantly bold, like her. The result is a line of swimwear that is a true celebration of women. In all her glory, the Oséree girl is sparkly, bold, strong, and befittingly, a little bit extra.

Oséree swimwear is now available on Net-a-Porter and range from $255–$320.


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