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140,000 People Are Asking For Netflix’s New Comedy To Be Banned

The pilot episode for 'Insatiable' is set for August 10.
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Insatiable is a tale often told: an intelligent, witty and funny teenager is bullied in high school by classmates who unfortunately aren’t able to see how great they really are…then, one day, something out of the ordinary happens that changes everything. In this case, Patty gets her jaw wired shut and, after losing a lot of weight, returns to high school to avenge her abusers.

Immediately after details and the trailer of Netflix’s upcoming show were released, the public was quick to give their first impressions. “The series promotes the toxic culture of fat-shaming and objectifying women,” writes the Change.Org petition creator who also contests the idea that a person’s success depends on their physical attributes. Based on the number of people who signed the petition demanding that the show be banned, It seems quite a few people agree.

In response to the accusations, Lauren Giussis (the TV show’s writer) explains on Twitter that the story is based on her personal teenage experience and that, in fact, she had created a story-line aimed at making fun of our superficial culture rather than promoting it.

Check out the trailer for Insatiable, below.

Insatiable. Trailer

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