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Anya Taylor-Joy Stars in the New Dark Comedy Thoroughbreds

In the picture perfect suburbs of upper-class Connecticut, "good genes go bad."
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Scream Queen Anya Taylor-Joy is taking a quick break from the psychological horror film genre—Split, Morgan, The Witch— to star in the dark comedy Thoroughbreds, a directorial first from Cory Finley. She’s joined by Olivia Cooke, of Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl fame, and a posthumous performance from Anton Yelchin. 

Thoroughbreds follows two affluent teenage girls, living in the suburbs of upper-class Connecticut: social outcast Amanda (Cooke), who “feels nothing,” and miss-perfect Lily (Taylor-Joy) who “feels everything.” Despite a childhood friendship, the two could not be more different as teens. Their bonding begins over their shared hatred of Lily’s step-father who is a right prick about everything. Amanda, a probable sociopath, suggests killing him—that’s where local hustler, Tim (Yelchin), comes in. 

The film debuts on March 9, 2018.

Watch the trailer below:

Thoroughbreds Trailer

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