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Black Mirror Enters “Choose Your Own Adventure” Territory

Which ending will you choose?
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When Black Mirror first premiered, its formulation reminded us of the 1950s anthology series, The Twilight Zone, thanks to its focus on stories that transpired within multiple parallel universes. Black Mirror has capitalized on our co-dependency with technology, giving us various scenarios of horror and despair, in a manner that is both sobering and imaginative—a politician having sexual intercourse with a pig on national TV, a governmental social ranking system that eerily predicted China’s current social climate, and A.I robots capable of conversation (not too out there), and more. It communicates these themes to viewers in an unapologetic tone had earned fans from all over the world, easily becoming one of Netflix’s hottest commodities. Suffice to say, the bar has been set for season 5, and the cast and crew are taking things to the next level because of that.

But now, the show is venturing into a whole new means of entertainment by allowing the audience to choose how the season will end.A report via Bloomberg showed that the BM has steadfastly been exploring interactive entertainment, much like HBO's and now, this vision is finally coming to fruition. The new season lands this December.



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