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Gal Gadot is Using Her Powers as Wonder Woman for Real World Change

Gal Gadot refuses to sign another Wonder Woman deal as long as accused sexual abuser Ben Ratner is attached.
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If you've been waiting for the next Wonder Woman movie, which is slated for a late 2019 premiere date, you may have to wait a little longer. Gal Gadot, the star of the franchise and titular "Wonder Woman," has made a bold move in refusing to sign back on for the sequel until Brett Ratner, who has been accused of multiple counts of sexual assault, is removed from his part in the smash-hit franchise.

This is no small deal, as Ratner is co-financier of the franchise. So Gadot has given Warner Bros. an ultimatum: buy him out of his piece in Wonder Woman (despite the fact the company has publicly severed ties with him, he still in part finances the films,) find another woman to play the title character, or shut down the franchise entirely. This puts Warner Bros. in a bad spot, as regardless of what they choose, they lose a large chunk of money—part of the reason Wonder Woman became so popular initially is that Gadot herself embodies the character perfectly, and the company stands to lose a large part of the fanbase for the film if she walks away. 

It's also of note that the only reason Gadot has this leverage over Warner Bros. is that they didn't sign her on for a multi-movie deal initially. Presumably, this is because the film company felt they couldn't fully commit to a franchise deal with a female lead, something many companies don't. Using the company's own sexist principles against them? Good on you, Gadot. 



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