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Get Out Got Seriously Snubbed by the Golden Globes

Apparently breaking records doesn't qualify a film for recognition.
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Award season is upon us, and with every nomination announcement comes the inevitable discourse of who and which films were snubbed most. And while controversial choices often boil down to opinions, there was one record-breaking film glaringly left out: Get Out.


The Jordan-Peele directed horror film—which has been confusingly categorized as comedy—scored the highest grossing debut for a film based on an original screenplay, beating out Blair Witch Project’s record from 1999. Despite the $156 million debut, Get Out did not receive a nomination for Best Original Screenplay.


Beyond numbers, Peele was critically praised for his ability to take the horror genre back to its social commentary roots. Get Out is a poignant film about liberal racism in America and its systemic entrenchment. That Peele, a black man with a supremely successful film, not be recognized for his work amidst his white counterparts, is almost comical. Is that where the category choice comes in?


Despite its snub, the film was nominated for Best Picture, and lead Daniel Kaluuya was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor.


See the full list of nominations here

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