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Emerging Actor Josh Wiggins on His Upcoming Role in 'Giant Little Ones'

The young actor delivers a touching performance in this LGBT narrative.
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Sweater Bottega Veneta

Photography by Christopher Sherman

Styling by Corey Ng

Coming-of-age stories are a dime a dozen in Hollywood, but Keith Behrman’s Giant Little Ones goes beyond the expected narrative tropes. Behrman was inspired to create the film after a string of suicides in 2013 by Canadian youths who had experienced harassment at school for being gay or for being perceived as such. Described by Variety as a “Canadian seriocomedy,” Giant Little Ones stars Houston native Josh Wiggins as Franky Winter, a teenager whose life changes drastically after a sexual encounter with his best friend after a raucous 17th birthday party.

While the feature focuses primarily on discrimination against members of the LGBTQIA+ community, it explores more than that, weaving a common thread between the high school experiences of marginalized teens of all types.

“It’s about navigating high school and navigating growing up, and having people say things about you and hearing all the things that can get spread around,” Wiggins has stated. “[It’s] something that everybody can relate to.”

Wiggins’s touching performance makes you want so badly to root for the kid from start to finish. And without spoiling too much, he makes you proud in the end.

Casting: Ian Monroe

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