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Lakeith Stanfield and Tessa Thompson Star In Sorry to Bother You

The Sundance breakout film is sure to be a commercial success.
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After a successful premiere at Sundance, Boots Riley's heavily talked about Sorry To Bother You is finally coming to theaters this summer. It's an eccentric, semi-trippy science fiction action thriller. Think Stanley Kubrick meets Quentin Tarantino meets Jordan Peele.

Set in an alternate reality version of present-day Oakland, California, the film's plot revolves around Cassius "Cash" Green (Stanfield), who struggles to make ends meet until he one day takes up a job as a telemarketer. From then on, Cash learns that the secret to becoming successful is channeling his inner "white voice," which helps his move up the corporate ladder, much to the dismay of his girlfriend played by Thompson. 

Every bit hilarious as it is imaginative, it's a film tailor-made for the current zeitgeist. Also starring in the film are L'Officiel Hommes USA's debut cover star Armie Hammer (as a brilliant con man, no less), Terry Crews, Marcella Bragio, and Patton Oswalt. The film hits theaters July 6. 

Watch the trailer below. 

Sorry to Bother You

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