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Watch the Trailer for 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Season Three

The new episodes officially release on December 6.
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Photo: Nicole Rivelli

If your summer has consisted of rewatching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel's Season 2 Catskills episodes because it seems like it will never return, you don't have to wait much longer. Shortly after hosting "Maisel Day," a promotional event that shut down LA with 1959-era prices (well, hello there, $2 Drybar blowouts and gas for 30 cents an hour), Amazon has finally announced a release date for the show's third season. The Prime Video original, best known for striking visuals, comedy ahead of its late 1950s setting, and Rachel Brosnahan's Emmy-winning portrayal of the title character, will return on December 6. That means Netflix's The Crown fans will have about two weeks after their binge-watch to transition from royal drama to period comedy just in time to get in the holiday spirit.

In case you haven't seen it, the show follows Brosnahan's Midge Maisel as she navigates life after a failed marriage and builds a career in comedy. According to creator Amy Sherman-Palladino (formerly of Gilmore Girls), the third season will show Midge's long-awaited comedy tour, in which she does her first paid stand-up gigs, encounters new cities and audiences, and has many more adventures and dilemmas along the way. As tends to happen with divorces, her ex-husband remains a key character as they battle in court, but having left her parents' home not for a man but for her own work travels, Midge regardless has newfound independence that leaves a lot to explore.

The new teaser accompanying the release date announcement fires off witty banter and captivating scenes as quickly as the show itself, building anticipation for a season that's sure to be full of dramatic turns and early feminist one-liners⁠—all with some upbeat, classic music in the background. As always, it toes the line between embracing the power of nostalgia and tackling important issues, creating a narrative that has audience members rooting for Midge's success but also enjoying some of the bumps along the way. 60 years on from the show's time frame, this showcases an incredibly relevant way to tackle a period piece, celebrating the aesthetics that continue to inspire creation galore while providing a refreshingly modern perspective. There's a reason the show won five Emmy Awards for its first season and is going into next month's ceremony with 20 nominations for season two. Here's hoping the new twists the tour will bring will keep Maisel just as exciting the third time around and provide a satisfying binge-watch to cap off 2019 (that is, unless the end of December brings us the viral streaming equivalent to Bird Box).

Watch the trailer below.



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