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Maude Apatow Celebrates the 'Euphoria' Finale With Glitzy Prom Pics

Showing off another hidden creative talent within the cast, the actress's photography is giving us nostalgia for a high school we didn't even attend.
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If you've been following the cast of HBO's Euphoria (whose finale just aired last night), then you know that on top of rocking avant-garde makeup looks and outfits, the young actors have a multitude of hidden talents. We've already covered Hunter Schafer's expressive sketchbook entries, but this time Maude Apatow has come out of the woodwork with her glam, throwback-filled photography of the final episode. Apatow is no stranger to the spotlight as the daughter of director Judd Apatow (think all of your favorite Seth Rogen-centric stoner comedies) and actress Leslie Mann, and her role as Lexi on the show is an underappreciated source of lightness and heart on the otherwise intense drama. 

The photos, posted to Apatow's Instagram after the finale, showcase costars Alexa Demie, Jacob Elordi, Barbie Ferreira, Hunter Schafer, and Sydney Sweeney in their Winter Formal garb. While these looks are much chicer than anything we wore in high school, they capture all the tinselly glamour of a see-and-be-seen high school gymnasium event. Demie, who plays Maddy on the show, dazzles in a Rihanna-esque crystal bodysuit, complete with black feather accents and veil. Is she dressed for a club or a funeral? On Euphoria, you never know.

Schafer, as Rue's best friend-turned-love-interest Jules on the show, has always been one to make a statement with fashion, and her sheer look is no exception. Using puff paint to mark the transgender symbol on her back, Schafer gives a sly, scarlet-lidded smile to the camera. 

Barbie Ferreira as Kat has undergone one of the most extreme style transformations of the show, kicking off stereotypes of the "token fat friend" and embracing her sexuality with a wardrobe directly raided from Hot Topic and Dolls Kill. Debuting blunt bangs (only bad bitches can pull this off), Ferreira poses in a red leather lace-up corset and matching fan. A bright neon liner under her eyes completes the red-hot ensemble. 

As Cassie, Sydney Sweeney battles an endless series of neglectful men in her life, starting with her troubled father. The blonde bombshell reminds viewers she deserves better, presenting a look that approaches princess status in a skintight pink satin dress and shawl. Cassie's relatively nude makeup look sets her apart from the rest of the cast's viral maximalism, but it serves its purpose by speaking to her guileless intentions.  

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