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Here's What Every Miu Miu Girl Should Have in Her Wardrobe

From timeless pieces to newer offerings from Fall 2018, the "Iconic Wardrobe" collection has everything a Miu Miu girl will ever need.
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What makes a Miu Miu girl? Her irreverent attitude towards fashion rules and trends,  as well as her preference to follow her instincts instead. It is these unexpected — even contradictory — sartorial choices that she makes when putting together an outfit. Pairing and ephemeral sheer dress with sporty undergarments and jackets, for example. Or, perhaps a Miu Miu girl is defined by her penchant for time travel, borrowing silhouettes from the past to create something completely different (and far from nostalgic), much like we saw at Miu Miu's '60s-inspired Fall 2018 collection.

That's why Miu Miu's latest Iconic Wardrobe Collection is the perfect starter pack for the uninitiated. It contains a selection of the label's iconic pieces (think flirty, ruffled chiffon dresses and sequinned Miu Crystal bags), as well as newer offerings like the updated Miu Miu Coffer bag and Fall/Winter 2018's tough, oversized leather jackets.

And that's not all.

In the short film below, you can see all the pieces from the Iconic Wardrobe Collection come together to create that idiosyncratic Miu Miu girl style. Our biggest takeaway? Those retro cat-eye Miu Miu Logo sunglasses look good with pretty much anything.

Miu Miu Iconic Wardrobe

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