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Standout Moments From the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards

Just in case you decided to get catch zzz’s instead of watching the—ahem—extensive live broadcast.
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Historically, the MTV Video Music Awards have been one of the most unpredictable and scandalous awards ceremonies of the year. Take any of Madonna’s appearances, for example, from the Like A Virgin wedding dress incident to the Britney Spears kiss in 2003. How could we forget the intense discomfort when Kanye West interrupted T-Swift’s acceptance speech in 2009 or, in better news, Beyonce’s iconic surprise announcement of her pregnancy in 2011. Relative to its tumultuous past, the 35th awards were somewhat calmer.

Jennifer Lopez Is All About Versace
Madonna's...Peculiar Speech

Also, it may be worth pointing out that the queen of soul and legendary artist, Aretha Franklin (who passed away on August 16), didn’t appear in the tributes segment of the show. Madonna was enlisted to pay homage to the icon but, for some reason, the focus veered towards her own story. Considering the monumental influence that Aretha had on the industry and on popular culture in general, the audience was confused and we’re still confused.


Don’t even get us started on Cardi B. With ten nominations, we expected her to be the queen of the evening but, unfortunately, she only walked away with three. That being said, Cardi’s exquisite new haircut and baby prank certainly added some much-needed excitement to the evening.

Ariana Grande Presented Her Family To The World

Perhaps the most touching moment of the night was when Ariana Grande brought out her mother, grandmother, and cousin to the stage. It was lovely to see her honor the important women in her life during her finale song, "God Is A Woman."

Ariana Grande on MTV VMA
Logic VS. President Donald Trump

Of course, let us not forget when rapper Logic rocked a “Fuck The Wall” T-shirt on stage. He, along with the children wearing “We Are All Human” shirts, was very rightly raising awareness of the thousands of families who remain stranded at the border of the United States and Mexico.

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