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Netflix is Making A Film About Nike's Founder

They just did it.
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Dua Lipa for Valentine's Day

Actor Chris Knot, who played Mr. Big in the series "Sex and the City", decided to support the actress Cynthia Nixon in the governor's ambitions and donated $2,500 for her election campaign.

Earlier it was supported by serial friends Carrie and Charlotte — Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristen Davis, as well as actor David Eigenberg, who played Steve.

In total, Hollywood residents have already collected $ 1.6 million for the Cynthia campaign. The biggest donations were made by Alec Baldwin ($16,000), Lina Danem and Susan Sarandon ($10,000 each).

Cynthia Nixon announced her intention to run for Governor of New York in March. She proposes to legalize marijuana and recently released the merchandise "I am Miranda. I vote for Cynthia. "


New Haircut and Fake Baby à la Cardi B



Speaking of collections inspired by films, a not-so-sporadically overdone inspiration for designers is still Clueless. We figured our response to this was going to be a “UGH AS IF,” but the one-year-old label, Résumé, did it oh-so-right. And unapologetically right in-your-face—the pink invite envelopes were stamped “Whatever” and “As If,” after all.

Everything—from the plastic lawn chairs for the guests to the venue, which was a yacht garage replete with a pink catwalk—was wild, wonderful, and wearable, particularly for those with a penchant for the ‘90s. Nominated for 2017 ELLE Style Awards, the brand’s collection was an explosion of trippy color combos (loud lilacs, cherry reds, electric yellows, oh my!), with lots of great trousers, jackets, and bell-shaped skirts. Polka dots were aplenty, but it was Résumé’s reimagination of Cher Horowitz’s iconic yellow plaid look that tugged at our nostalgic-for-the-nineties heart the most. A special thank you for the gift bag! (And by gift bag, we mean a very ‘90s, clear vinyl waist bag with one of Cher’s iconic colorful fluffy pens inside.)

Art collector Christiana Boros with his wife, son and more than 700 works of art stayed in a Nazi bunker. The atmosphere, the history of the building, passion for art and life interact with a fantastic whole. Tickets need to be purchased very well in advance, as they are quickly repaid, with no more than twelve visitors at a time. Really worth the effort, wait and see. Ch Boros's story is incredibly interesting, so I'm still suggesting homework before arriving.


Address: Reinhardtstrasse 20, Berlin. Also worth mentioning are: Museum Island, Esther Shipper Gallery, The Fuerle Collection, Helga Maria Klosterfelde Art Gallery.

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