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Saoirse Ronan Hosts a Song-Packed ‘SNL’

The Lady Bird star teaches you to pronounce her name and welcomes you to hell.
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Last weekend’s Saturday Night Live was hosted by Saoirse Ronan, the star of Lady Bird (also known as Rotten Tomatoes' best-reviewed film ever). The 23-year-old actress opened her SNL monologue with an answer to the question on everyone’s mind: how do you pronounce Saoirse? There are so many vowels it’s like a doomed Wheel of Fortune puzzle Ronan jokes before Leslie Jones casually calls her Cersei. The million dollar answer is: "Sur-sha". The actress played on her name's Irish origins and sang a little tune to help viewers remember. But it wasn’t the only song of the night.

Female cast members came together to sing “Welcome to Hell,” a catchy, pointed song about sexual harassment. In the video, a sugary collage of clouds, unicorns, and the color pink, Ronan and cast let others in on “a secret every girl knows: This been the damn world.” In her verse, Ronan muses, “House of Cards is ruined, and that really sucks. Well, here’s a list of stuff that’s ruined for us,” as the not girl group (“we just travel in a group for safety”) listed off parking, walking, Ubers, and hotels.

The Bronx-born, Dublin-raised actress’s SNL debut brought together the heavy and the light-hearted and officiated Ronan as a new young woman to watch.

"Welcome to Hell"



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